Drawing on nearly 30 years of experience, Ascend Project Management & Stormwater Services provides full-service Construction Project Management and Stormwater Services including Owner’s Representative, Bidding, Scheduling, Construction Site Monitoring, Project Acceptances and Closeout, Development of Stormwater Management Plans, Permit Applications, Compliance Inspections, Innovative Design Solutions Targeted at Unusual and Persistent Stormwater Discharge Problems, BMP Maintenance Oversight and more.  Photography services also available upon request.

Dave Moratelli - Proprietor

Served as Senior Construction Inspector with Town of Erie, Colorado for 13 years and was involved with Federal, State, Local and Development Management, Coordination and Inspections.   Construction work consisted of Grading, Sanitary Sewer, Water, Storm Sewer, Asphalt, Concrete, Parks, Stormwater Management and Restoration.  ​Some examples are:

Trail Projects - Briggs Street; Coal Creek; Coal Creek Extension; Coal Creek/Rock Creek; CLR Sidewalk; SH 7 Sidewalk; Miscellaneous Subdivision Trail Systems.

Town Facility Improvements - Erie Community Center; Erie Community Park; Erie High School.

Utility Improvements - County Line Road (CLR) 18” Waterline; CLR Waterline Replacement; Air Park Waterline Replacement – Phase 1; Erie Parkway Waterline Extensions; 16” Raw Waterline; WCR 3 and SH 52 Waterline; Vista Pointe to Grandview Waterline; Vista Ridge Drainage Improvements; Reach CC10 Urban Drainage Project; Regional Stormwater Pond; Drainage Restoration Projects; Erie Highlands Tract T Drainage.

Roadway Improvements – Sheridan Parkway; Erie Parkway (Erie Commons); Erie Parkway Phase 1 & 2 (Flatiron Meadows); Erie Parkway (Colliers Hill & Erie Highlands); CLR/Bonnell Intersection; CLR/Jay Rd. Drainage; Erie Parkway/119th Street Intersection; Vista Ridge ¾ Access; Mountain View Blvd. ¾ Access.

Development Projects – Creekside; Vista Pointe 3 & 4; Erie Commons 1, 2, 3, 4, 5; Flatiron Meadows 1 & 3; Colliers Hill 1A-B-C-D, 2A-B-C-D, 3A, Boulevard & Parkway; Erie Highlands 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6; King Soopers Grading, Water, Sewer & Storm; Erie Kum & Go; Vista Ridge 1D, 1F, 1X.

CDOT Projects - Local Agency Field Engineer - ARRA Erie Parkway Bike Lanes; ARRA County Line Road Bike Lanes; ARRA Coal Creek Trail (Erie Parkway to Cheesman Street in Erie, CO); Coal Creek Trail Extension (Cheesman Street to Reliance Park in Erie, CO); County Line Road Sidewalk (Telleen Ave. to Reach CC10 Trail in Erie, CO)

Prior to moving to Colorado from Pennsylvania in 2003, I served as Stormwater & Engineering Technician for 16 years at Northumberland County Conservation District where I was responsible for implementing the PA Department of Environmental Protection - Erosion & Sediment Pollution Control & NPDES Programs.  This consisted of conducting technical plan reviews for compliance with the PA DEP regulations and construction specifications, NPDES Permit processing and issuance, performing regular inspections of permitted, construction and earthmoving sites for compliance as well as oversight of plan implementation and maintenance of onsite stormwater management controls.  Additionally, I investigated complaints concerning earthmoving, storm water, construction and waterways/wetlands and worked closely with municipalities to monitor construction and earthmoving activities within their boundaries and assist them in establishing soil erosion control and storm water management guidelines into their local regulations and ordinances.  Served as the local hub for municipal problem-solving concerning storm water, construction activities, waterways & wetlands and various other related issues while also assisting the public with planning, permitting, regulatory and various related issues.

Other major programs and contributions were:

DEP Dams, Waterways and Wetlands - Processed General Permits as well as working with U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service.

PA Department of Conservation and Natural Resources (DCNR) - Gypsy Moth Suppression Program Coordinator for Northumberland County conducting population field checks, program qualification determinations, spray block mapping using GIS-based computer software and annual county spray program proposal preparation.
Abandoned Mine Reclamation - Initiated Abandoned Mine Drainage treatment projects and grants.  Coordinated projects with the Federal Office of Surface Mining, EPA, the DEP Bureau of Abandoned Mine Reclamation and Bureau of Mining and Reclamation.  I initiated and organized the Eastern Pennsylvania Coalition for Abandoned Mine Reclamation (EPCAMR) to serve a 16-county area in the Anthracite and Bituminous coal fields of Eastern Pennsylvania.  62 watershed organizations have been formed with the assistance of EPCAMR.  I also initiated and organized the Shamokin Creek Restoration Alliance (SCRA) to address mine drainage pollution issues within the watershed.  The SCRA has successfully constructed several AMD treatment systems within the watershed and continues to function today.
Information & Education - Coordinate and conduct education, information and public relations programs and workshops for engineers, surveyors, architects, contractors, municipal officials and the public.  Coordinated the Northumberland County Environmental Education Program (1991-1998) while conducting educational programs for schools (K-12 and college) and public speaking engagements.

Experienced working with the following:

- Colorado & Pennsylvania Departments of Transportation

- USDA Natural Resource Conservation Service (NRCS)

- PA DCNR Bureau of Forestry, Fish & Boat Commission & Game Commission

- Pennsylvania Dept of Environmental Protection – Stormwater Management

- Pennsylvania Bureau of Abandoned Mine Reclamation

- Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) – Stormwater Management

- Department of Interior - Office of Surface Mining

- Eastern Pennsylvania Coalition for Abandoned Mine Reclamation (Founding Member)

- Shamokin Creek Restoration Alliance (Founding Member)

- Xcel Energy

- Numerous Gas & Oil Utilities

- Irrigation Ditch Companies

- Railroad Companies

- Residential & Commercial Developers

- Home Owner Associations (HOA)

I have been trained and/or certified in the following among others:

- State of Colorado Class 1 Water Distribution Operator & Certified Water Professional

- State of Colorado Class 1 Wastewater Collection Operator & Certified Water Professional

- CU - 2012 Colorado Water Distribution & Wastewater Collection Short School

- CDOT - Certified Labor & Compliance Payroll Checking Procedures

- CDOT - Local Agency Field Engineer/Project Manager Training

- Keep It Clean Partnership Certified

- Colorado Ready Mix Concrete Association - Special Inspection Training

- Colorado LTAP Signing, Pavement Markings & MUTCD 402 Traffic Safety Seminar (C-DOT)

- CAPA Best Practices for Cold Weather Paving

- Portland Cement Association – Full Depth Reclamation Webinar

- Bicycle Facility Design & Maintenance Training (C-DOT)

- APWA Construction Inspection Training

- APWA Construction Inspection Conference (Rocky Mountain Chapter) – Annual Attendee

- Completed 41 PA DEP technical training sessions totaling 400+ hours.  These sessions dealt with Construction Techniques and Regulations, Soil Erosion & Sediment Pollution Control, NPDES Regulations & Permitting, Storm Water Management and Low Impact Design as well as various other technical topics.

- Attended 28 additional PA DEP training sessions dealing with Waterways & Wetlands, Abandoned Mine Drainage Treatment, Gypsy Moth Suppression, Information and Education and various other programs.

- Completed “Environmentally Sensitive Maintenance of Dirt & Gravel Roads” training course offered by the PA State Conservation Commission, Penn State University and Environmentally Sensitive Infrastructure (ESI) Training and Assistance.

- Completed Penn State University Stormwater Academy - Trained in Storm Water Infiltration Techniques and Low Impact Design for Storm Water Management Project WET (Water Education for Teachers) facilitator through the PA Department